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Tech Info

1.What is Thin Film ?

What is Thin Film ?

THIN FILM cannot exist by itself
Needs substrates to adhere to
The surface condition of the substrate influence the characteristics of the film
THIN FILM has different characteristics from bulk metal
Thin film's features mostly come from its thinness
THIN FILM is created through atomic/molecular processes
Atoms/molecules are highly energized with heat or electrical power in vacuum chamber and build up one by one through chemical or physical reactions..

2.Let's compare to human height and earth's diameter!

Let's compare to human height and earth's diameter!

Let's compare to human height and earth's diameter!

Technical Speaking Definition

Thickness RangePioneer of nano-technology

3.Features of Thin Film

SSM's Deposition Technology

Physical Method (PVD: Physical vapor deposition)
Resistive heating vacuum evaporation (NiCr,Cu,Ni,Au etc.)
Electron beam evaporation (Ni,Al etc.)
Sputtering (NiCr,Cr Alloy, Cu)
Ion plating (Ni,Cr etc.)
Chemical Method (CVD: Chemical vapor deposition)
Plasma CVD (SiO2, SiN etc.)
Plasma polymerization reaction (SiN etc.)
Electro-plating (Cu, Ni, Au, Solder etc.)
Electroless-plating (Au, Ni Alloy etc.)

Sputtering Method (Planer Magnetron)

Highly energized argon gas plasma bombards the target surface, "sputtering" out target atoms/molecules onto the substrate surface.

SputteringSputtering Method
Thin film purity is quite high.
Target alloy composition is represented as is in the thin film.
Most metal and semi-conductor material can be sputtered.
Thin-film's adhesion to substrates is very strong.

Plasma CVD / Plasma polymerization reaction

The raw materials are introduced as gas and they become plasma under very high AC or DC power.
The gas plasma goes through chemical reaction over the surface of the substrates creating thin films

Plasma CVD
Plasma CVDPlasma polymerization reaction
Low temperature reaction eliminate heat stress in the thin film..
Non-metallic including some organic film can be deposited.,
Film is virtually defect (such as pin holes) free.
Suitable for non-crystalline thin film

Advantage of Thin Film

  • Low noise due to evenness and less defects
  • Precise & accurate
  • Stable and reliable ( against temperature, humidity and age)
  • Low floating capacitance between neighboring elements
    (Thickness 0.1µm -0.01µm)
  • Excellent high frequency characteristics into GHz range
Strong adhesion
  • Stable and reliable ( against temperature, humidity and age)
  • Excellent terminal strength
Easy to Process
  • Enable micro and precise patterning/processing.,
  • Enable low profile multi-layer structure.
  • Fit for miniaturization
Other features
  • Linear temperature coefficient